Here's my Eco-friendly Hot Tub

it’s an excellent testament to how times have changed therein , unlike even ten years ago, the eco credentials of any product are now considered together of the foremost important factors within the tubs for sale decision.

Hot tub manufacturing and the environment

within the traditional manufacture of a bathtub, the shell is made first from acrylic then heated in an oven to around 300 degrees until it becomes malleable enough to be moulded into shape. Traditional fibreglass or acrylic really isn’t environmentally friendly but there are now far more eco-alternatives that manufacturers are beginning to use. High-density polyethelyne can now be utilized in conjunction with rotational moulding techniques to supply a bathtub shell that's tough, durable, lightweight and most significantly recyclable.

Apart from the recent tub shell, heating elements, pumps and equipment are all also other potential areas where recyclable materials may or might not be used. The processes by which they're designed and built also will have a varying impact upon the environment depending upon the manufacturer and therefore the specification. Increasingly manufacturers are using more eco components and sourcing materials from sustainable sources but it's always worth checking before you purchase.


A bathtub may be a large, awkward and really heavy product to move around and, depending upon where you reside , a proportion of the recent tub’s price are going to be allocated to the large transportation cost of getting the recent tubs to your local distributor. Obviously, if the recent tubs are inbuilt an equivalent area or country during which you buy it then the carbon footprint are going to be much lower as there'll be less transportation involved.

Water consumption

This is often one area where most of the people assume that a bathtub isn’t in the least eco. We assume that, simply because a bathtub holds up to 400 gallons of water, that it isn’t a very good or environmentally friendly use of the water, particularly because it must be changed at relatively frequent intervals.

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