Water : precious ressource in the world

We are living in a world who worries more and more about the environment: indeed a lot of people are starting to realize that the natural resources of the planet are not inexhaustible, and that the future of the human race on earth depends on our ways of consumption. That is why the consumers habits are changing bit by bit: people works towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way consumption, and recycle more and more.

Water and ecology in England

The water is a rare and precious commodity which has to be saved at any cost. However, the recycling of the used water still is a major problem: indeed, 98 percent of the wastewater worldwide are not recycled, while many populations in the poorest countries still have no access to drinking water. Regarding the situation in the United Kingdom and especially in England, things are changing: since a few years, the authorities seem to want to break with its climate skeptic tradition and tend towards the preservation of the natural resources. But as a very industrialized country, England remains one of the biggest polluters of the world, and many efforts left to be done about water treatment.

How to solve the problem?

Nowadays there are a lot of water treatment plants all over the world, which are in charge of recycling the used water to make it suitable for consumption again: indeed, once treated the water is totally purified and clean to be used for the daily consumption and even to be drunk. The water is the subject of a specific treatment: it is filtered with a sieve to remove the biggest rubbish, then the fatty substances and the sand are eliminated. After that the water is treated with chlorine to kill the germs, then aerated and sent into a sedimentation tank. Once the suspended particles fell at the bottom, the water is treated one last time with chlorine and ozone to purify it.